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Original Design & Verse by Doreen Erhardt©. Words of Encouragement for Work; The family’s in the driveway, mom isn’t fit, she isn’t a star basketball player, and it shows, but she tries her best. ( Log Out /  Praise. You love this cup. Children can use some encouragement every day, and at almost every point in their lives – before a test, during trying times, on bad days, or when they’re feeling blue and need some motivation. Play catch with them, shoot hoops, kick the ball in the yard. This post includes a FREE poster! Pam’s book, Ready or Not, is a comprehensive book for all current and prospective foster and adoptive parents. Words can build kids up, and just as easily tear them down. In this post, MomJunction has compiled a list of more than 121 encouraging words for kids. There are a lot of things to consider and accomplish before becoming a foster parent to youth in foster care, but the process, as shown … Spiritually. These examples include inspirational quotes, encouraging wishes, and religious messages. One of my favorite commercials is one that promotes getting outside and getting active with your kids. I am deeply passionate about encouraging others struggling with infertility and about advocacy for foster care (two of our kids were adopted out of foster care). I am hoping that these are exactly what they need to hear at this moment in their life. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. It has some sort of significant meaning to you. Our own cups get depleted – almost to the point that we don’t have anything else to pour out. If you’re the type that likes to see a plain refrigerator, sparkling clean, think of all the years when you’ll have that opportunity. Magnetic paint is an awesome tool! positive words are needed in foster and adopted children's lives, 10 ways to bond with your adopted or foster child, how to help your adopted/foster child sleep (sleep issues part 2), attachment in adoption & foster care: the first things we need to know, why adopted and foster children have sleep issues (sleep issues part 1), it's not "just a kid thing": behaviors in adopted and foster children, 8 ways to help foster youth who are aging out of the system, the importance of consistency & routine (adoption/foster), why consequences & rewards don't work for hurting children (adoption/foster). It is NOT that we want other children to fail. You shared your toys well, thank you. Emotionally. We have been foster parents for just over 2 years. Each time, there were about 30 students from 5 different schools. You go to bed thinking, “Perhaps, I actually fixed it this time.”. Lastly, no matter where she goes or what she does, I want her to know I love her. If your child is good at sports, even if you’re akin to Kelly Clarkson in heels on a baseball field, take the time to practice with your child. When you show your child you care, they’re encouraged. You can find more posts on adoption, foster care, and autism on my CONTENTS page. ), Hello, friend! Some days, we hold it all together. Their mind alone is sending detrimental messages continuously. They were blessed to adopt two of their children through foster care in 2008 and 2010. But it is ok, you have an army of foster parents who march with you. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  When we look at images of kids at birthday parties or other social events, we grieve that our kids are not invited to any parties. You look at your cup and think, “I’m not giving up on you. To read the article, click on this link: A Letter of Encouragement to Foster Mamas, Yes, I would like to receive emails from BARREN TO BLESSED. 1. You search and discover a different crack. Bible verses about Foster Care. I need to be restored on a daily basis. If your child is an artist, and enjoys doodling, painting, or pasting, support their artistic side by posting their art where it’s visible. How did she gain such confidence? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Another way to encourage and praise your child is, if they are really intelligent and good at their school work, hang it on the fridge. You can listen to a recording of this post, simply scroll to the bottom. I was struck by this young woman’s confidence. You patch that up because you just can’t stand the thought of never using your favorite cup again. Foster parents: God is using you to love in some of the hardest places and through some of the most difficult situations. 98) I can see your inner strength. One day you will long for their affection. Now, it’s time to help them feel like somebody by adding some positives to the list, not only with actions, but with words. Knowing nothing of her background, I would assume that someone who had great influence in her life stood beside her, told her she could do it, encouraged and praised her. So choose soft words, gentle hands, choose love." I can be fragile. Some children are good at gymnastics, taking them to the park gives them a chance to show off their skills. Sometimes, it leaks all over you. 93) Every parent wishes they had a son/daughter like you. Considering this, I also look to the Lord. Don’t you bring that up again.” I can also hear him saying, “Girl. Do it for your children. The next day, you get up, pour the same amount into the cup, and…yikes. You search it and discover a small, ever-so-tiny, crack. ( Log Out /  Find more similar words at! Encouraging teenagers is very important to ensure that, they do not slip while dealing with issues. Most kids will love showing you what they can do. It seems to hold your drink just fine until you notice it leaking again. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This wasn’t the first time my child has said something like this. Becoming a mother can be difficult. I love the part in the book and movie, The Help, when the nanny says to the young girl, “You’re smart, you’re kind, you’re beautiful.” I have taken that example and created one a little different. Eyes welled up. Use this list to foster confidence and support! 95) I love the fact that I can rely on you. Words have the power to tear people down or build them up. Jan 6, 2017 - Explore Project Belong's board "Encouraging Words for Parents" on Pinterest. We hugged, shared tears and I whispered words of encouragement to my child. When used right, these encouraging words can have powerful positive effects on kids. No matter how often or how much you keep pouring, the cup never seems to fill up. Your kids will only be little for so long, and you only have so much time to show them you’re proud of them. You can “like” my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest for more helpful information and links. It wasn’t easy to understand her, but I made every effort to hear what she had to say. This is the last post in a series about a leadership camp activity where I asked parents to write their kids letters of encouragement, confidence and trust and a promise to be there for them always.. You are worth it. {innocent words caught up in corrupt world}. If you have other children who aren’t as good in school, I would tailor this so you don’t discourage other children in the home. Gut punch. You is smart. Product Id: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Our Words and How They Affect Our Kids This will be the hardest, but most rewarding job you have ever had before. 121 General Words Of Encouragement For Children. I constantly remind my children that I love them no matter what they do. Even when your child isn’t the best in a sport, there are times when you can praise them. Teenagers need to feel proud of their life choices when they grow up. It is just that the issues that a lot of parents face or worry about pale in comparison to the issues of those of us who are raising extra-needed kids. 96) Dad/Mom and I were just talking about how wonderful you are. Check out the other posts in this series on words: Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Foster parents, what I know to be true is this: what you are doing matters. You can create an art gallery on any wall. As part of my own self-reflection, I’ve put together some encouraging kid-relevant affirmations, quotes, and Scriptures in an effort to help me reach a more balanced approach in my parenting. This is because positive reinforcement can condition a child to repeat the praised behavior. Keep them close to your heart, share them with your children, and have a very happy New Year from your friends at Camelot Care Centers. Thank you for being so nice to your brother, you’re a great sister.) Our first little guy we had from age 5 months till he was 16 months. Congratulations on your new role as parents! But be honest, they know when you’re fibbing. If you’re on a mobile device, this can be done on the web version. Thank you for being Mom or Dad when you didn’t need to. Thank you for being one of the most significant, lifelong influences in the life of a foster child or youth. My child looked at me and said, “I’m not sure I was made for this world.”. You are awesome. A Word of Encouragement from parents reassure daughters of their potential and pushes them to be better women. Ever since you came in my life, things have never been the same. You can receive each post made to Lovin’ Adoptin’ by subscribing in the upper right corner. How do you encourage and place positives in your child’s life? Moreover, I decided to turn this into a four-part series. I hope you’ll find my sharing them to be helpful in reevaluating your relationship with your child and that they’ll open doors for opportunities to connect with each other in ways like never before. However, we are repaired and restored each day by the Lord so that we can do the same for His little soul vessels – our children – our beautiful and broken cups. Parenting kids with extra needs feels like pouring into a broken cup that has a leak in it. I will restore you each and every day. If you’ve seen The Help, you’ll likely remember the inspiring words the maid said over and over to the sweet little girl, “You is kind. Foster Child Encouragement from Foster Parents card Details Size/Quality Pricing Shipping Price: $3.49 (includes envelope), as low as.

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