Applying for a job in a foreign nation? Or securing admission in international universities? Well for both of these reasons and much more you will require attesting your documents so that they are deemed as valid abroad. Advika Translations a company based out in New Delhi provides attestation services of documents to its client who require these for submission or use in foreign nations. Any document which you submit internationally be it your birth certificate, your educational degree or any other transcripts or reports everything is required to be attested by a regulatory body only after which it is recognized as true and valid abroad.

Who Does Carry Out This Attestation Process?

Different in every nation, this attestation process in India is authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs. First, you are required to submit the forms in your state’s Human Resource Department after which you can submit the same for attestation to MEA. As soon as you are done with the attestation from the external affairs department you can submit the same to the respective consulate in India.

To make this process a whole lot easier we at Advika Translations do carry out attestation process on your behalf so that you aren’t required to waste your valuable time traveling from one place to other. We also do offer translation services if required before submitting your documents to the respective consulates.

Below are the few types of attestation services which we offer our clients at extremely competitive prices.

MEA Attestation

This is the general attestation which is done by the Ministry of External Affairs for all documents which are required to be submitted by the countries not part of Hague Convention. All documents whether educational, non-educational, company or commerce related are required to be MEA attested before being able to be submitted in foreign nations.

Apostille Attestation

This is a special type of attestation which the 92 countries who are part of the Hague Convention do accept. This attestation is also done by the MEA, however, the difference being that you aren’t required to get this document further attested by embassy once the same has been Apostille attested.

Embassy Attestation

This is the final phase of your document attestation once you are done with MEA attestation. This part is not required however for the documents which are Apostille attested. Once you get the document attested by Embassy you can submit the same to any foreign organization or institutions.

Notary Attestation

We also do assist our clients with general notary attestation services of documents such as sale deeds, contracts, certificates etc. which are to be submitted within the nation or for government use.

So if you also do have attestation needs with regards to any document feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you in any manner possible.