Advika Translations does provide you with efficient and quick attestation services for your documents which are required for submission to the country of UAE. We provide services with regards to the attestation of documents related to your education, job and or documents related to commerce and business.

embassy attestation UAE

For your documents to be deemed as legitimate  by the UAE legal system you require getting them attested by their embassy in your respective nation. If you are residing in India, the following is the list of steps you require to get your documents verified.

For Attestation of Educational Documents:

  • Get the document verified by the department of education in your state.
  • Submit the documents obtained to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Once approved by them submit the documents to the UAE embassy for their final sea and approval.

For Attestation of Non-Educational Documents:

  • Get the documents verified by the state department or local notary.
  • Following this, submit the documents to the MEA.
  • Finally, submit these to the UAE Embassy for their final authentication.

For Documents Related to Commercial Use

  • Get the documents authorized and checked by Department of Commerce.
  • Following this submit these to MEA for verification.
  • Finally, submit them to UAE embassy for authentication and attestation.

Where Do We Come In?

Going to through these steps one by one seems a bit tedious doesn’t it? Trust us it might appear as only three small steps however as you actually go to get the job done you will see how hectic it becomes. We at Advika specialize in embassy attestation for UAE and do make sure you would not be spending rather wasting your time moving through these organizations.

We work diligently with the documents you provide and help them get approved and authenticated for submission to any organization or entity in UAE. We get the embassy attestation done and also take care of any intermediary step such as translation, transcription etc. thereby ensuring you get your documents fully authenticated in no time.

Do feel comfortable to reach out to us, should you have any attestation needs and see how we work and provide you customer satisfaction in no time.