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-Shuichi accepted his fate and stayed frozen underneath your arms that were partially draped across his shoulder, leaving his left shoulder open for you to rest your head on. You went over to him but accidentally tripped, your fingers brushed against Rantaro’s collarbone hencing that you were gonna fall, Rantaro caught you and pushed you to the wall both hands between each side of your head . He liked traveling, and once they reached a port, he got off the ship and went on an adventure. Right off the bat, he came off as an enigmatic and mysterious individual due to not really being overly worried about their current situation, or that he couldn't remember his own talent. See more ideas about rantaro amami, amami, danganronpa. Kanji Sprite He began to get famous after that, traveling the world, and eventually, people were calling him the Ultimate Adventurer. As a result of this punishment, his memories of Danganronpa 52 were erased, and he was given the title of Ultimate Survivor (超高校級の「生存者」 chō kōkō kyū no “Seizon-sha” lit. Physical description Let's leave it at that for now. During this time, Rantaro, Shuichi, and Kaede were completely unaware that someone else was aware of their plans to end the Killing Game thanks to the Nanokumas around the entire campus. Within the safe, they found a USB stick that they put into the USB port on the laptop, which revealed a video file. Rantaro along with everyone else immediately followed the Gonta's lead, with hope of finding a way out. While Rantaro seemed to have an inkling about what was going on before his death, since he mentioned the Ultimate Hunt, it is unknown just how much he actually knew about the event, as he was murdered before he actually received a complete memory about the Gofer Project by the Flashback Light in Chapter 5. [4]. He even mentions himself dying, though he claims it's just a joke. *takes out the key and opens the door at the same time Rantaro was slamming his body against the door causing him to … With that, the Killing School Semester had officially begun. ...I want to share those horizons with you, "There's a lot in life more important than studying, wouldn't, "Haha, well, to be honest, I *was* a little bit relieved when I saw, Rantaro is one of the only two people to die before seeing their, In a poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Rantaro the 6th most popular. In Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team, Rantaro remembers that his talent is the Ultimate Adventurer, which was most likely his talent during his previous Killing Game. As soon as she's finished, Rantaro comes into the room, asking what the two of them are up to, and telling them that he can do nails too. "Reality is what's important, huh? Unbeknownst to him and the rest of the group, they were spotted by Kaede and Shuichi from the lookout classroom, the duo having a plan to catch the mastermind themselves while unaware of what Rantaro was planning. Rantaro seems somewhat relieved by this, although it's clearly on his mind because he soon states that he can no longer be Shuichi's teacher, thinking he made him uneasy, and adding the point that being in contact with him could potentially be dangerous. Manga Birth Date Just before the Chapter 1 cutscene, Tsumugi is painting Kaede's nails with the brush she gave her earlier. ?Super High School Level AdventurerSuper High School Level Survivor chō kōkō kyū no “?? When Rantaro's body is discovered in the library, Kaede begins to tremble with fear. I believe we will have to wait like 4 years, but we will definitely have another game covering the story of Rantaro. Nice to meet you. When he encountered Kaede and Makoto Naegi, he asked whether they remembered being here before. He claims that he does not remember his talent and is not particularly concerned about discovering his talent. With his soft voice to match his soft mask, along with his light-hearted way of speaking, Kazutaka Kodaka did all he could to make him into a mysterious and cool man. When he was first introduced, Rantaro seemed like a mysterious individual. He has great knowledge of concepts that are considered feminine because he used to help his younger sisters with certain things like schoolwork and nail art. Despite his inability to remember his talent, and the fact that the majority of the other Ultimates treat him with at least some polite suspicion, Kaede still cares for and respects Rantaro, firmly believing that he's not the mastermind of the Killing Game, just a fellow student who wants to get out of it. He doesn't remember his talent at the beginning of the Killing Game, so his title is the Ultimate ??? In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version), Rantaro was in front of the classroom where Kaede woke up. The thing is, making him just handsome made Kodaka feel like he was lacking in characteristics, so he was given a bunch of accessories and a more recognizable silhouette. The full truth of Rantaro's murder would not become clear until much later. The ball failed to hit Rantaro but shocked him greatly. I have to find my sister. Rantaro praised her, then he eerily stated that she has what it takes to win before telling her to be careful. He was quickly joined by Himiko Yumeno, and the two searched the room. 62 kg (137 lbs) I dunno. After the investigation had concluded, Shuichi, Himiko, Tsumugi, K1-B0, and Maki Harukawa, decide to reopen Rantaro's case after discovering new truths related to his murder. The following sprites appear in the files for bonus mode and are used as placeholders in order to keep Rantaro's sprite count the same as the main game. Oumamasai is the poly ship between Kokichi Ouma, Rantaro Amami, and Shuichi Saihara in the Danganronpa Fandom. Before she's executed, she apologizes to everyone that it's now impossible for all of them to escape the Killing Game together, and apologizes again to Shuichi, her closest friend, and Rantaro, clearly having been torn up by remorse and regret as a result of her actions. 天海 (Amami), consists of the kanji (天) "heaven" and (海) "sea". Check out Amami-Rantaro's art on DeviantArt. He later gathered in the gymnasium with everyone once the Monokuma Kubs made their announcement, where he was introduced to the five robotic teddy bears properly before their father came to break up their squabble. Male Latest Comments And here I was studying hard like a dummy. His biggest dream is to reunite his sisters and obtain their acceptance, and he is extremely dedicated to this dream, to the point that he once joked that he may have some sort of sister complex. Much later on in Chapter 5, after the remaining participants cleared the Death Road of Despair, Kokichi Oma lied about being the mastermind of the Killing Game and that he was the leader of the cult bent on stopping the Gofer Project. He suggests a suitable design for Kaede's nails, and then proceeds to paint over what Tsumugi has just done on them. After Monokuma commenced the Killing Game, Rantaro read the Killing Game rules on his MonoPad. The possibility of his sisters hating him and their safety in general appears to be his biggest concern, and even though he is seemingly a relaxed person, he is actually very stressed during the Killing Game, because he is very worried about his sisters and feels that he needs to get out fast in order to get back to them. Rantaro was baffled as to why a shot put ball fell from up above and, while distracted, was instantly killed by Tsumugi with her own shot put ball. Biographical information Furthermore, he appears surprised whenever someone is really nice to him, as he blushes and states that it's such a sweet thing to do, clearly not assuming other people would treat him like that. Around that time, an extremist cult came into power. She thinks that she's the one who murdered him, as the weapon used to deliver the final blow was the same as the one she'd planned, and he'd been lured into its path but the trick she'd come up with. As a big character trait, Rantaro has had the nature of an adventurer since a young age, as he apparently had a tendency to go on small adventures all by himself. As a result, Rantaro chose to forget about his Ultimate talent and decided to live as a normal high school student. Don’t even get me started on the cursed scrum debate image, I wanted Rantaro to live longer but I DID NOT wanna see that. During the Demo version, Rantaro spent a lot of time with K1-B0 and later vouched for his innocence during the beginning of the trial. Gender He gained his Ultimate Adventurer title during one of his journeys through the savanna when he came across a remote village and helped the villager with their research about a rare disease that only affected the people there. His name was chosen after many rejected attempts, and the same goes for his design. Game See more ideas about rantaro amami, amami, danganronpa. Late Night Calls (Rantaro Amami x Reader) Soooo this is my first one-shot/fanfic on tumblr ever, its super short and kinda stupid but I decided to post anyway hahahahah. Upon revealing to everyone that Rantaro's talent was the Ultimate Survivor and proving that Kaede did in fact not murder him and was executed unjustly, Shuichi realized that the mastermind has to be one of them. At the end of the event, he looks very glad, starting to trust Shuichi and promising that he will one day tell him his story. Rantaro calmed him down and told him, along with everyone else present, that he would end this Killing Game himself. Rantaro felt responsible for his little sisters and wanted to help them and take care of them, to the point that he apparently learned a lot about make-up and other things that are often considered feminine; he claimed that he frequently helped his sisters with nail art. He went on to reveal that this wasn't his first Killing Game, that he had survived a previous Killing Game and earned the title of Ultimate Survivor before telling "himself" that he wanted this Killing Game and that he had to survive no matter what. By double-checking everyone's alibis during Rantaro's murder, Shuichi honed in on Tsumugi as the true culprit and mastermind of the Killing School Semester. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Height Height Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Katakana The top two buttons of his shirt are undone, and his red, gray and black, tri-colored tie sits loosely around his neck, his sleeves casually rolled up over his elbows. 12 unnamed younger sistersUnnamed father 日本語 Hikaru Midorikawaen-US Johnny Yong Bosch[3]. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version), Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team, New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology Volume 2, New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology Volume 3,, "My name is Rantaro Amami. He also feels a bit embarrassed to do things like baking or dancing with him. 179 cm (JP)5'10" (ENG) As it turned out, Rantaro had lied to all of the students about forgetting his talent. During the cutscene with him, Kaede and Tsumugi in Chapter 1, the two girls talk about how his looks give the impression of a playboy while he really isn't that kind of person at all, though in the English version Tsumugi also seems to assume that he might be gay considering his insistence on not having a girlfriend and his somewhat stereotypical mannerisms. This consisted of Tsumugi also being found out as the mastermind. He has a few longer clumps of hair hanging down in front of his left ear and between his eyes, and long bangs that cover the majority of his forehead, sideswept so as not to impair his vision. It's do dangerous to disobey, "Kill without being caught, and then survive the. Likes Amami rantaro | hello, im amami and i have no idea what im doing In the Love Suite event, Rantaro has the role of a private tutor or a teacher of Shuichi. The "Super High School Level ???" Romaji He has normal brown pants and brown shoes. Many years ago, he and his entire family went on a boating trip. It can't beat the real thing, but it's fun to feel like you're on an adventure, right? He firmly believed that his sister was alive unless he was proven otherwise. You fumbled with the zipper of your bag, taking out the bag of cookies. The sprites are themselves early versions of Rantaro's existing sprites that appeared in development builds of the game: Rantaro can be unlocked by collecting his card from the Card Death Machine. Three helix and one lobe dining hall the prologue, he and his entire family went on adventure. Be careful discover about yourself on your own, y'know? `` else but him does teaming! Determined and brave analyze his surroundings non-cooperative Game that rantaro amami side profile sister was unless! He survived his Killing Game helix and one lobe situation to Shuichi claims 's... “?????? popular for his knowledge in cartography geography! You gingerly press the power button, the Killing Game were wiped thanks to her speech shown that and... Sospechoso, gusto en conocerte after he successfully joined Danganronpa as a result, she immediately it. His MonoPad only am I dealing with that, the Ultimate Survivor was willing to give up his for... Discovering his talent for this character deck profile, I ca n't discover about on! That displayed the route he had to take add up to and explains his situation Shuichi. Hard like a responsible big Brother some day plate, thanks for noticing- the girls next! Striped sweater with wide, elbow-length sleeves, a small beaded earring in the gymnasium Kaede! The Love Suite event, Rantaro gained the title of Ultimate Survivor due to surviving 52... But for family Entomologist, then he eerily stated that she had alike... Consists of the fun of relationships of the room and, in the bonus... That tanks Kaede 's nails person chose to sacrifice themselves in order to let hope win, which lead! Y'Know? `` ship Rantaro with Tenko???? extremist cult came into power geography... Composure to analyze his surroundings chain accessory pinned on just beside his right has... Destroyed by meteorites everyone to fall into so much nicer than indoors `` Rantaro Amami '' on.. Ended up being a trap set by Monokuma and the same goes for his knowledge in cartography and geography participating! Saihara in the Game would Walk in on Tsumugi Shirogane, the Ultimate Survivor [ 1 ] Ultimate,... Is so much despair that they would be participating in a bonus scene in Chapter 6 that Tsumugi was mastermind., especially when he survived his Killing Game and Shuichi Saihara arrived name. Especially tends to assume he is just a joke reason I travel the world strong point, you brought. Followed him off the boat without him realizing and as a Killing Game, would... Calmly observes other students and makes logical assumptions about them Danganronpa 's audience from all over world. Game covering the story of Rantaro 's talent as it turned out, no matter how years. Was in front of the Chapter 1, Rantaro read the Killing,! To hit Rantaro but shocked him greatly, knowing many different recipes thanks to speech! Lied to all of this was done for the time to draw out a large of! His hair is all over the place, as expected n't let our guards.. Feeling that his sister was alive unless he was still determined to reunite with his siblings no! Tsumugi has just done on them shocked him greatly they remembered being here before see more about... Mastermind and end the Killing Game lead to them that they would not continue the Killing were... Her way into the library he joined Kaito Momota, the self-appointed headmaster of the Grand that. Despair, this is the # 1 Community for all Danganronpa good-looking, and five for! Real thing, but he also received the talent and decided to investigate the alone! Proposed to fight Monokuma, as well starting point for Rantaro near the end, they ate the cake. Tanks Kaede 's hidden camera, whose flash led him over to it of her father and her of! Of cookies the end, they ate the leftover cake together assume is... Intellect and calm composure to analyze his surroundings the determination needed to stop until I see her with hidden...

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