Angola Embassy Attestation

Are you planning to go for work in Angola? Or are you willing to expand your business or search for a job opportunity in Angola? To achieve each of these dreams or goals, you are required to submit documents duly attested by Angolan Embassy. For country such as Angola, where you are going for professional purpose you would require Angola Embassy attestation on your documents after which they will be accepted by the legal system of theirs.

For Angola Embassy Attestation of educational documents:

  • First of all, you need to get the document verified by the department of education in your state.
  • Secondly, you have to submit the document to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Once approved by both, you need to submit the document to the Angolan embassy for their final seal and approval. 

For Angola Embassy Attestation of non-educational documents:

  • The very first step is that, you need to get the document verified by the state department or local notary.
  • Following this, you need to submit the document to the MEA.
  • After getting the approval by both departments, you have to submit the document to the Angolan Embassy for their authentication.  

For Documents Related to Commercial Use:

  • Get the document authorized and checked by Department of Commerce.
  • Then, submit the document to MEA for verification.
  • After that, finally submit the document to Angolan embassy for authentication and attestation. 

Each type of attestation mentioned above does require a minimum of 60 days for processing and in some cases, it may take more. The same would also require you devoting hours in moving from office to office. Also, you need to get your documents translated before submission. We at Advika Translations not only take care of all these needs for you but also, provide the same at extremely competitive price. As a result, you save the fatigue and time loss which would be caused in getting these documents attested. Also, we would take care of intermediate processes such as certified translation, attestation etc.

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