Kuwait Embassy Attestation in India

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Whether you are applying for a job in Kuwait or are going there for study-related reasons, for each of them you require getting yourself Kuwait Embassy attestation only after which your documents are considered as legitimate. Most of the countries around the world aside from the ones which are part of the Hague convention require you getting this embassy attestation as it helps them prove the authenticity of documents issued in a foreign land. While there are numerous ways of getting this attestation in countries around the globe, in India it is done through any one of the below mentioned ways.

For Kuwait Embassy Attestation of Educational Documents:

  • Get the document verified by the department of education in your state.
  • Submit the documents obtained to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Once approved by them submit the documents to the Kuwait embassy for their final seal and approval.

For Kuwait Embassy Attestation of Non-Educational Documents:

  • Get the documents verified by the state department or local notary.
  • Following this, submit the documents to the MEA.
  • Finally, submit these to the Kuwait Embassy for their final authentication.

For Documents Related to Commercial Use:

  • Get the documents authorized and checked by Department of Commerce.
  • Following this submit these to MEA for verification.
  • Finally, submit them to Kuwait embassy for authentication and attestation.

While these processes we mentioned above might seem as easy they actually require you putting in some serious hours as well as energy which might leave you drained out. Moving from one government office to other, getting translation of the documents, getting the documents attested by notary each and everything will make you tired and thereby causing fatigue. We at Advika Translations help you by getting this attestation process done for you. Not only the attestation part but everything ranging from translation to final submission for verification is taken care of by our experts.

Therefore if you feel the need to get this job done by us and do want to save your precious work hours than feel free to connect with us and we would be more than happy to assist you with the complete attestation process.

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