Russian Translation and Visa Services in India

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Among various countries, RUSSIA is one of the popular choices for international students for its high-quality education and lesser fees. Russia’s growing economy is also attracting a lot of international workforce due to many lucrative opportunities it promises to provide.

Once an individual decides to move to another country for whichever purpose, there are piles of things that need to be taken care of.In addition to the emotional and physical baggage, the entire process of Documentation could only lead to bewilderment. To ease the process of your inception to the new land of opportunities, we at ADVIKA TRANSLATIONS provide various facilities.

We are a Language Translation agency based in Delhi, India. Since 2001, we have been offering translation and interpretation services to clients based in India as well as clients & businesses operating globally.Our job is to make sure that your venture goes smoothly. We provide RUSSIAN NOTARIZED TRANSLATION SERVICE (TRANSLATION CERTIFIED BY A NOTARY PUBLIC OF INDIA valid in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) and VISA ASSISTANCE for STUDENTS and ambitious people who want to WORK in Russia. To begin with the process, we require certain documents which include-

  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (HIV and other Tests).
  • All other required documents.

Disclaimer: All The Documents Should Be Certified And Notarised.

Please drop an email with your query, so that we can get back to you with the exact process, charges and timelines for the above-mentioned services or you can give us a call.

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