Libya Embassy Attestation Services In India

libya embassy attestation services

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Thinking of getting your documents attested for your job option abroad? Or planning to submit your application for a course in universities of Libya? Well for everything we just mentioned and anything similar you will require getting the documents Libya Embassy attestation only after which they will be thought of as valid in their country. This Libya Embassy attestation is required for all legal documents be it educational, non-educational and or commercial only after which they will be accepted in their institutions or offices. While the process of getting an attestation differs from nation to nation in India, it is generally done in the following manner.

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For Libya Embassy Attestation of Educational Documents:

  • Get the document verified by the department of education in your state.
  • Submit the documents obtained to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Once approved by them submit the documents to the Libya embassy for their final seal and approval.

For Libya Embassy Attestation of Non-Educational Documents:

  • Get the documents verified by the state department or local notary.
  • Following this, submit the documents to the MEA.
  • Finally, submit these to the Libya Embassy for their final authentication.

For Documents Related to Commercial Use:

  • Get the documents authorized and checked by Department of Commerce.
  • Following this submit these to MEA for verification.
  • Finally, submit them to Libya embassy for authentication and attestation.

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Getting a Libya attestation for all your documents on an average takes around 60 days of time and numerous hours would be spent as you commute daily in between various government offices. We at Advika Translations can help take care of this issue for you and get these attestations done at extremely competitive rates. Not only will we help with the attestation but will also take care of intermediate processes such as translations which are generally required to be carried out before submission of documents in the embassy.

So if you feel you and us are on the same page, then feel free to contact us at any time and our officials would be more than happy to assist you with the complete process of Libya Embassy attestation.

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