Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation Services in India

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Thinking of expanding your business abroad? Or planning to study in a foreign nation? For these two things and anything similar, you will be required to submit attested documents only after which nations such as Saudi Arabia would consider you as a legitimate immigrant. Advika Translations a company based out in New Delhi can help you with the Saudi Arabia Embassy attestation by carrying out these tasks for you at extremely competitive price. We can help you obtain Saudi Arabia Embassy attestation for all educational, non-educational as well as commercial documents after which you can submit these documents anywhere to any entity in a foreign land.

While getting a Saudi Arabia attestation you are required to undergo following steps.

For Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation of Educational Documents:

  • Get the document verified by the department of education in your state.
  • Submit the documents obtained to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Once approved by them submit the documents to the Saudi Arabia embassy for their final sea and approval.

For Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation of Non-Educational Documents:

  • Get the documents verified by the state department or local notary.
  • Following this, submit the documents to the MEA.
  • Finally, submit these to the Saudi Arabia Embassy for their final authentication.

For Documents Related to Commercial Use:

  • Get the documents authorized and checked by Department of Commerce.
  • Following this submit these to MEA for verification.
  • Finally, submit them to Saudi Arabia embassy for authentication and attestation.

Reading it this way you may find it to be extremely easy however the process does take around 60 days to complete with numerous hours of office visits which might leave you tired and exhausted. Well give us a chance to relieve this pressure and we would carry out the complete attestation process along with translation and transcription whatever required thereby preventing your fatigue and time wastage.

Reach out to us at any point of time and our skilled professionals will help you with complete attestation process and will guide you through the progress made, thereby making your document attestation process a walk in the park.

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