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Confused about attestation processes?

Embassy legalization is dependent on the requirements of specific destination countries. The document type also impacts the process of legalization. It’s a complicated process requiring the highest levels of efficacy and accuracy. At Advika Translations Embassy attestation in Delhi, we specialize in all embassy authentication/legalization processes and deliver results with speed and efficiency.  

What is Embassy Legalization?

Documents having their origin in one country, and intended for use elsewhere, have to be accepted by the legal setup of the destination country. As per the guidelines of the 1961 Hague Convention, an apostille cannot be used for authenticating documents in non-Hague Convention countries. We use seamless methods of authenticating documents for commercial, work, academic or other use in these nations. Our experienced team provides reliable embassy legalization services to take care of your validation needs. 

Embassy Legalization Process

In this process, documents are checked for stamp prints, seals, original signatures and other components. The primary documents and procedures for authentication include:

  • Government documents, certificates and other files issued by federal/government entities.
  • Personal documents like death, divorce, birth and marriage that have to be attested by the state of origin before the embassy legalization process begins.
  • Shipping and commercial documents for trading and logistics purposes.

Non-Apostille Countries Requiring Embassy Legalization

Apostille/Hague Convention nations have different legalization processes when compared to non-apostille countries. Our embassy legalization services are well-equipped to cater to all apostille and non-apostille nations. These include:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile, China, Congo Democratic and Congo Republic, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nepal, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Taiwan, Thaliand, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Vietnam, Zambia, etc. 

Why Advika Translations for Embassy Legalization?

  • We help you figure out the exact embassy legalization needs based on the country you are headed to.
  • We work with embassies and consulates located worldwide to ensure the complete validity of your paperwork.
  • We help in the preparation, certification and submission of documents to specific embassies. Regardless of unprecedented changes or difficult-to-handle cases, we try our best to get your documents legalized.
  • Our team provides fully inclusive services to ensure that your documents are authenticated and fit for use, as quickly as possible.

Our competitive advantage lies in our decades of field experience. Reach out to Advika’s expertise in embassy legalization to expedite document processing time and save good money! 

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