Multilingual DTP Services

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Most industry verticals require reliable multilingual DTP services for designing their documents. Travel brochures, machine instruction manuals, e-catalogues, or other material, all have to be formatted as per the clients’ brand and style.  The process becomes more challenging because the documents have to be translated into different languages as well. At Advika Translations, we provide high-quality translation services along with design, formatting and proper layouts of multilingual documents to address these needs effectively. 

Advika Multilingual DTP in India

We present multilinguistic translation experts who have the right techniques and knowhow to do full justice to your documents. Our dedicated team of translators have years of experience in working with multilingual desktop publishing software. Be it brochures, manuals, catalogues, legal documents, or documents in any language, we work hard to return what you want. 

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Formats @ Advika

The DTP art and text experts at Advika can work on documents developed on:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw, etc. 

DTP Services in Multiple Languages

Advika comes to the rescues with the best multilingual DTP service modules in its arsenal because we follow the below mentioned process:

  • Once the translation is over, the material is fed into design files by our team of multilingual DTP specialists. They work on the font size, layout, alignment of text, etc. to create copies that are as good as the original.
  • Our experts are well-trained in multilingual typesetting and follow the rules of publishing in different languages.
  • We take care of the appropriateness of images/art work and cultural relevance in all multilingual DTP processes.
  • All typeset files are made to pass through stringent quality checks by multilingual DTP teams comprising of linguists. The process continues until no further edits are needed.
  • Once our proofreaders complete the final round of edits, the deliverables are in the form of ready-to-print documents. 

Advika for all Multilinguistic DTP Needs

Multilingual Desktop Publishing requires high levels of linguistic and technical expertise. It incorporates the laying out of translated text into proper design file formats. This is why you need the multilingual DTP services at Advika. With decades of experience behind us, we ensure that your brochures, art work, textual matter, catalogues and other documents retain their original design and feel, always. 

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