Scope of a Foreign Language in India

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India, a population of around 1.23 billion has emerged as one of the greatest markets for numerous multinational companies.  Thanks to its vast strength there are huge investments being made in the nation and there are numerous multinational companies which are setting up its bases in the Indian sub-continent. This settlement and development have caused a great demand for foreign language professionals, one who can effectively and efficiently help these companies carry out a transaction in India.

Thanks to these companies the trend of learning a foreign language is once again on the rise and students have begun learning rather mastering foreign languages in order to secure better job opportunities in these MNCs. So if you are also planning on learning any foreign language, read the guide below which will help you figure out the future of any foreign language you learn, in future.

Learning a foreign language, a right thing for me?

If you are interested in knowing the diversity the world possess or are deeply into learning trends and cultures practiced across the world, learning a foreign language would definitely serve as the boon. Learning a foreign language requires you to be creative and eager from within. If you truly wish to master any foreign language you ought to put the required efforts and above all your heart should be loving it. If you are creative from inside and do wish to pursue something different yet exciting then this is something you definitely should invest in.

How Expensive Is To Learn A Foreign Language?

This question is totally subjective to the language you wish to learn. Certain tough languages such as Chinese and Japanese are tough to master and hence there are institutes which charge as much as Rs. 1,00,000 for a one year course. There are other foreign languages such as Arabic which are comparatively cheaper and have more centers available across the country.

However most in demand as well as expensive is French which many people prefer to learn and hence for a five-year course as well as a certificate in same you will somewhat be shelling more than Rs. 5,00,000.

Career Prospects?

Talking about the scope of foreign language in India, be sure that it will open a variety of opportunities for you to pursue. You can get a job in companies offering translation services and or Multilingual DTP services. You can pursue a career in teaching and or work in embassies as a translator or interpreter.

If you are into writing then there are also people looking for freelance content writers who can provide them technical or general content in a variety of languages for international audiences to peruse. The scope of learning any foreign language is vast and there are regular openings in U.N. or Ministry of General Affairs should you prefer Government sector to work in.

How Much Would I Be Earning?

Again this factor is dependent on the skill set you possess and the type of jobs you are interested in. For someone who is into teaching the pay scale ranges in between Rs. 15000 at entry level to Rs. 25000 along with some experience.  If you opt for government sector the salary of certified translators is somewhat between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 60,000 with added benefits.

Should you work as a content writer the same job would earn you around Rs. 250-400 per page depending on the level of your skills as well as well as the creativity and efficiency you possess.

So, to make things short scope of foreign languages in India is much more than one seems to imagine. If you like learning a foreign language and are sure to pursue a career in the same field , then buckle up and master the language and see what benefits it reaps.

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