How to get UAE Embassy attestation done in India

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How important is the process of UAE Embassy Attestation?

The UAE presents very lucrative opportunities for individuals seeking overseas employment. The UAE also demands that UAE Embassy Attestation should be done all documents that are required to be submitted with the employment application and the documents should be attested by recognized official bodies in India as well. Previously, attestation was not needed for applying for a job in the UAE. That encouraged the unmeritorious individuals to fake their degree and job experience certificates, personal documents just to get an opportunity to land in the UAE. This led to companies cancelling contracts and firing those unskilled employees which also raised suspicion on the genuine ones. Hence, the UAE Embassy Attestation process came into effect in order to minimize such foul-play. Today, Embassy Attestation is one of the most important steps in ensuring a smooth job application to the UAE.

Advika Translations is proud to present its esteemed expertise in this matter. As the world’s most reliable attestation service provider, we decided that we must throw some light on the process of UAE Embassy Attestation for UAE employment.

There are three steps in order to get UAE Embassy Attestation done which are as follows:

1. HRD Attestation from the State of issue: – 

The first step towards attesting an educational document is to attest it from the university that you graduated from. Below are the steps to follow:

Visit the HRD Department of the state from where the Certificate is issued and submit your certificate for verification and attestation. You would also need to attach a photocopy of all supporting documents like Mark sheets, Certificates of Matriculation and Intermediate Examination along with your Passport Size photograph on white background and Photocopy of the data pages of Passport.
The HRD Department sends the Certificate or Document submitted by you to  to the University from where it is issued to verify the same.
If every step takes place successfully and the certificates are found to be genuine, then the HRD Department attests your Educational Certificate.

This entire process can take anywhere between 10 to 15 working days. With a reputed Attestation Service Provider like Advika Translations, you can prevent all this hassle and carry on with your routine work while we do the attestation work for you.

2. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation: –

The next step is verifying your documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The Ministry is located in Delhi, and you would need to travel to Delhi. The process of approval can take up to one week. Here, Team Advika can come to your aid and support in getting the same done without your physical presence.

3. UAE Embassy Attestation Stamp: –

This is the last but immensely important step in Attestation. Once you have  done all the necessary verification and attestations from the concerned bodies, you have to submit your document to the UAE Embassy to get the UAE Embassy Attestation done.

How can Advika Translations help and support?

We understand that your busy life cannot take up this much of hassle and legwork. The entire process takes 20-30 days or sometimes even more. Team Advika can help in the following ways.
Our services are very prompt and trustworthy. We carry out the above steps in the most transparent manner possible.
We save your immense amount of time and mental agony. You don’t need to wait in long queues or entertain the hundreds of officials in government departments.
We also help you to keep every document in order so that your job application is complete.

In a nut-shell, with Advika Translations, you greatly increase the chances of getting your UAE employment Visa. We take care of every little detail and leave you to manage your moving plans. If you have any query at all, we at Advika Translations are waiting to listen and serve your query. 

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